Mike Mentzer: Brains And Body Building

Is it possible to be both a world-class bodybuilder and one of the world best thinkers?

When it comes to the history of legendary bodybuilder static holds Mike Mentzer this is a question that you have to ask. The accomplishments of this man are things that everyone in the bodybuilding community knows. We know about his victories and we know about his interest in take on bodybuilding. We know that he is the first one to come up with static holds high intensity training. We know that his pump until failure, and frequent workouts are things that really help people build a lot of muscle.

What is also true about Mike Mentzer is that he was one of the best minds when it came to health and fitness. Anyone who read his website or his books will know that he is one of the best thinkers that the sport has ever had. Before all of the nutritionists and scientists entered into the field bodybuilding Mike Mentzer was writing about these topics, adding in philosophy and science and taking a more wide angled view of bodybuilding and life. It is why his methods, his philosophy and thoughts on bodybuilding are still practice to this day.

His techniques have even been experimented by scientist. They have tested his results and have shown that it is possible to put on a lot of muscle in a very short amount of time using the techniques that Mike Mentzer suggested. So he was definitely before his time, he does not get enough credit in this techniques are ones that people should investigate for isometric muscle contraction themselves. If you are the right person and your DNA matches up with the techniques that Mike taught it would be the perfect method for you. It will be a method that will work.

Beyond what we now know about bodybuilding, Mike Mentzer understood the mental angle of it all. He knew how to create the perfect frame of mind to build the perfect body. He knew how you had to think, he knew the value of stressing the body really hard and then taking time off to allow the body to fully recuperate. There many different methods of bodybuilding that work in his method works very well. It is worth anybody giving it a try. Because it is something that is difficult to do but very rewarding.

The Mentzer method is not for the weak it is for people who truly want to push themselves. It is for people who really love to stress their body and it is for people were willing to take the time off to recuperate. isometric exercise definition Even if it does not become the dominant style workout that you use it is worth giving it a try because you deserve that experience. There's nothing like a Mentzer hit workout to show you who you are, what you have and how mentally strong you are. If anything, bodybuilder should cycle this method at least once a month just to push himself really hard.